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How to create/rename/delete Georeferencer map collections

Learn how to administrate your map library map collections in Georeferencer online administration.


Maps of the same series can be combined into a collection, and for crowdsourcing projects, each collection can be announced separately.  Georeferencer web administration allows users with the administrator role to manage these collections. 

The collection administration is available (after signing in with the administrator account) via the "hamburger" menu in the upper left corner in the institution section (where "demo" is the map library's own selected name).

Create new collection

Users with the administrator role can create a new collection via the "New collection" button on the main collection screen. 

Click on "create" and a new empty collection is displayed on the main collection list and maps can be imported. 

Rename collection

Already existing collections can be renamed. Click on the collection name you want to rename on the main collection page.

Open the "Settings" and just type in the new title and click "Save".

Delete collection

Only an empty collection can be deleted. To empty the collection, you have to import an empty metadata sheet with replacing choice. After that, the "delete" button is enabled and displayed.
Collection can be deleted from the main collection view or via the settings button. 

Maps can be added to collections via the “Import XLS” button where it is possible to add existing maps to the existing ones or replace already imported maps with new ones via the replace button. The XLS metadata file must meet the requirements that can be found by reference to the “specification” link. If there is any error during the import, it will be displayed particularly on what row of metadata sheet an error is and what kind of error it is. The “Export XLS” button exports the map metadata in the collections to an XLS file. Please note that this export does not empty the collection.

A specific map can be searched via an external id typed in the “Search” window at the “Collections” landing page. There is no need to search in each collection separately, the search will go through all the maps in all collections.

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