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Crowdsourcing - engage with online visitors!

Make a competition in georeferencing to get better results! Ask the crowd to help you with georeferencing of your map collections. Volunteers from the public can take part in the processing of scanned maps. Let the general public, lecturers, researchers, and students give your maps the second life in the online world. 

Present the progress of your project with prepared components for your websites (so-called widgets) showing the progress of the georeferencing pilot and statistics for work done by individual people. For more information visit

An institution can integrate a link from their existing websites, online catalog, or digital repository for individual maps directly into Georeferencer service with an easy-to-use link APIs - using the institution identifiers ([CUSTOM-ID] supplied during the import of metadata into the system. You can find additional information at article Linking into Georeferencer from your catalog or website

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