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  1. Adding maps into Georeferencer - Metadata sheet

  2. API, widgets, and links to build up your own project web

  3. Are the digital map images under any copyright?

  4. Batch download of Georeferenced maps

  5. Can I add own base maps?

  6. Can I buy these maps?

  7. Can my maps be linked from

  8. Can we adjust the design?

  9. Can we get a technical support from your technicians?

  10. Can you add more maps to the Georeferencer project?

  11. Can't find a particular map

  12. Crowdsourcing - engage with online visitors!

  13. Exporting into OMO from Georeferencer

  14. Geographical search for my own maps - Geosearch

  15. Georeferencer browser extension

  16. Get your Georeferencer in a few steps!

  17. How can I download the metadata?

  18. How can you start the project?

  19. How do I cancel subscription to Georeferencer?

  20. How do I view the old maps?

  21. How is the score calculated in a crowdsourcing competition?

  22. How to add collections of maps

  23. How to assign the "Reviewer" role

  24. How to contact owner of the map

  25. How to create/rename/delete Georeferencer map collections

  26. How you deliver the project page to us?

  27. IIIF Hosting - how it works

  28. IIIF Hosting - how to change password?

  29. IIIF Hosting - what is administration fee for?

  30. Is there an annual fee?

  31. Linking into Georeferencer from your catalog or website

  32. Number of visitors with Google Analytics

  33. Payment for the service

  34. Privacy Policy

  35. Requirements for map collections

  36. Roles and Access rights

  37. Size of a scanned map file

  38. Submitting technical questions

  39. Terms of service

  40. Thumbnails

  41. Validator - testing metadata

  42. What are the Terms of Use?

  43. What does OldMapsOnline do?

  44. What is the price for Georeferencer?

  45. When can we expect the delivery?

  46. Which format of images are supported?

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