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How to add collections of maps

To upload your maps to OldMapsOnline we need to receive an excel spreadsheet with basic information about each map.

Each spreadsheet must have the following columns:

id:               Your unique identifier
viewer:       URL to the zoomable viewer of the scan on the web
title:            Title of the map
date_from, date_to: Date of what is depicted on the map, not the publishing date; 

  • if you know the exact date, then in either YYYY, YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD format
  • if you know only the century, then as YYXX; eg. 16XX for 1600-1699

north:          Latitude of the north-most point
south:         Latitude of the south-most point
east:            Longitude of the east-most point
west:           Longitude of the west-most point
thumbnail:  URL to thumbnail

Link to sample metadata spreadsheet: 

Please use a validator to test your spreadsheet is correct.

Test here:

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